Tickbox (2020) – What are we doing to the human ability to act upon the world?

Broke (2013)

An investigation into a murder mystery: who killed the middle classes?

The Human Element (2011)

Why things don’t work and why they might work again.

Eminent Corporations (2010)

The rise and fall of the great British brands: eight strange tales.

Money Matters (2009)

Everything that you wanted to know about money but were afraid to ask.

Toward the Setting Sun (2008)

The story of Columbus, Cabot and Vespucci and the race for America.

Blondel’s Song (2005) The Troubadour’s Song (2005)
The extraordinary story of the capture, imprisonment and ransom of Richard the Lionheart – and the legend of Blondel.

Numbers (2004)
A collection of strange numbers from the bizarre world of statistics.

Authenticity (2003)
Real food, real ale, real art, real education, real places, real politicians, real business, real relationships – and why they are the future.

Little Money Book (2003)
Everything you wanted to know about the money system but were afraid to ask.

News from Somewhere (2003)
A new economics foundation reader, introducing an economics as if people and planet mattered

The Money Changers (2002)
A reader about real money, free money, corrupt money and the secret history of money.

The Sum of our Discontent (2002)
Why measuring, targets and indicators don’t work very well – the American version.

The Tyranny of Numbers (2001)
Measuring, targets, indicators and numbers – and why they fail to get to the truth.

Funny Money (1999)
A journey across America in search of new kinds of money.