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Tickbox (2020) – What are we doing to the human ability to act upon the world?

Broke (2013) – An investigation into a murder mystery: who killed the middle classes?

The Human Element (2011) – Why things don’t work and why they might work again.

Eminent Corporations (2010) – The rise and fall of the great British brands: eight strange tales.

Money Matters (2009) – Everything that you wanted to know about money but were afraid to ask.

Toward the Setting Sun (2008) – The story of Columbus, Cabot and Vespucci and the race for America.

Blondel’s Song (2005) The Troubadour’s Song (2005) – The extraordinary story of the capture, imprisonment and ransom of Richard the Lionheart – and the legend of Blondel.

Numbers (2004) – A collection of strange numbers from the bizarre world of statistics.

Authenticity (2003) – Real food, real ale, real art, real education, real places, real politicians, real business, real relationships – and why they are the future.

Little Money Book (2003) – Everything you wanted to know about the money system but were afraid to ask.

News from Somewhere (2003) – A new economics foundation reader, introducing an economics as if people and planet mattered

The Money Changers (2002) – A reader about real money, free money, corrupt money and the secret history of money.

The Sum of our Discontent (2002)  – Why measuring, targets and indicators don’t work very well – the American version.

The Tyranny of Numbers (2001) – Measuring, targets, indicators and numbers – and why they fail to get to the truth.

Funny Money (1999) – A journey across America in search of new kinds of money.