What Greece could learn from Latin America

National bankruptcy requires a range of new kinds of money to support life while the bankers extract their money (The Tablet, 2 July 2011).

Time banks and the new creative economy

Courtney Love commissioned this article about the role time banking might have in the future of music (Guardian, March 2010).

Ruskin and the new economics

The new economics tradition reaches back to Ruskin and beyond (Introduction to nef brochure Are You happy? September 2006).

The unexpected return of social credit

People are beginning to urge radical reform of the way money is created (New Statesman, 2003).

Being disobedient to accountants’ profit

Liberal Democrats should honour Keynes’ fierce critique of finance (Challenge, 2002).

Does money have original sin?

Interest means there is something about money that is bound to fail (Green Futures, 2002).

Intellectual currencies

An introduction to the concept of i-commerce, using organisational currencies to drive knowledge management (Foresight, 2002).

DIY money

How people are beginning to create their own currencies (The Ecologist, 2001).