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Saving Munich 1945

Lesley Yarranton’s brilliant account of how anti-Nazi Germans liberated one city from Hitler’s rule at the end of WW2 (2020).

Beef every day but no Latin

Kevin Newman’s true story about how an 11-year-old boy in 1920s Hove started his own school (it still exists today!) (2020).

V for Victory

David Boyle’s account of the forgotten success story of the most successful radio campaign in history – to shape resistance to Nazi rule (2016).

The Men

Darkly erotic, passionate and unputdownable – Fanny Calder’s fictional account of 13 affairs with men (2016).

The Secret History of the Jungle Book

Swati Singh’s fascinating glimpse inside the mind of Rudyard Kipling and the real meaning of the Jungle Book (2016).

Memoirs of a Revolutionist

Princec Kropotkin’s classic memoir of his conversion to anarchism at the Russian court and escape from prison, with an introduction by David Boyle (2016).

How to become a freelance writer

An instruction guide with a difference. Very practical (2016).

The Piper

David Boyle’s novel about local currencies, local economics, clone towns, the Wright Brothers – and the Pied Piper (2015).

Scandal: How homosexuality became a crime

David Boyle’s untold story of the Dublin Scandal and the notorious Labouchere Amendment that criminalised homosexuality – and tracking down his own family connection to the events (2015).

The Wizard

A new version of the Wizard of Oz for the age of derivatives trading and Goldman Sachs, by David Boyle; illustrated by Karin Dahlbacka (2010).

Leaves the World to Darkness

A magical novel for about Byron, fairies and the mysteries of the English countryside by history author David Boyle (2007).