Pamphlets and reports


Mapping the world’s complementary currencies

A typology of currencies and exchange systems, and a guide for finding your way around the emerging debate (NESTA, Nov 2011).

The Ratio

Why companies should be forced to publish the ratio between their highest and lowest pay on the front cover of their annual report (New Economics Foundation, 2011).

Carrots not Sticks

National Consumer Council report on the prospects for a sustainable consumption reward card (National Consumer Council, 2004).

Beyond yes and no: a multi-currency alternative to EMU

Why we need the euro, but must keep the pound too (New Economics Foundation, 2003).

Why London needs its own currency

Pamphlet about how London needs a number of other currencies to call their own (New Economics Foundation, 2000).

Virtual Currencies

Financial Times Finance Management Report, now out of print (FT, 1999).