No localism without local banks and local credit

My speech at the Liberal Democrat conference (Liverpool, 21 Sept 2010).

What next for local currencies?

My appearance on the Today programme on the second birthday of the Lewes pound and the first birthday of the Brixton pound (BBC, 16 Sept 2010).

Snow, money and the new economics

Money-changing, Berkshares and local economics: a lecture in Massachusetts, about the amazing berkshares currency (Stockbridge, March 2010).

The Brixton pound

My speech at the energetic launch of the new currency for Brixton in south London (Lambeth Town Hall, September 2009).

Local currencies and Wizard of Oz

The way forward for the complementary currencies movement (Local Currencies conference, New York, 2004).

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Where has all the money disappeared to? (Alternative Mansion House Speech, London, 2002)

The multi-currency future

Why the euro needs to be part of an explosion in the number of currencies (European Finance Convention, Paris, 2000).